Abortion the Modern Day Holocaust

Pretend I'm a tree and save me

A new movie about abortion  is sweeping the internet. The arguments against abortion are so strong that people are literally doing a “180” turn around on their views of abortion in just a few minutes. The name of the movie? Well of course it is “180”, you can view it at 180movie.com Amazingly, the video already has more than 1.5 million views in less than two months. More amazing is it’s 33 minutes long; I have to admit that I don’t watch too many video’s on you-tube over about 10 minutes let alone 33 minutes, but I watched the 180 movie twice, it was fascinating.

The video interviews many different people, which really makes it interesting. Live interviews are seen and many do not even know who Adolf Hitler was. This is very disturbing to think in less than a century the atrocities committed by the Nazi ideology in Germany are already being forgotten. The movie compares abortion to the holocaust where Nazi Germany systematically murdered over 6 million Jews. People who are pro-choice  are up in arms about this, but you can’t argue with the truth and you see this while one person after another that is being interviewed changes their view on abortion.

No doubt this video is drawing a lot of attention from the pro-life  movement and is going to be used for the future ballot bills that are trying to rid the world from this modern day holocaust.

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  1. thanks for posting and linking the specific pages. Awesome work:-) ^shane

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