“The God Who Wasn’t There” movie review

Recently I viewed the movie  “The God who wasn’t There” on Netflix.

The video starts by saying Christianity was wrong about the solar system and the sun revolving around the earth, so it’s wrong about everything else and points to Charles Manson as a Christian.  People who don’t follow Christ are not Christian, you can learn more about that watching Ray Comfort’s free movie Genius about John Lennon and the man who murdered him who claimed he was a Christian (click here to watch).

It is a genetic fallacy to judge God and the bible by what some of “so-called” followers have done, in the same way it would be wrong to judge a person for some mistakes the black sheep in that person’s family made.

The documentary claims that all the gospels were derived from Mark: ignoring the list of biblical scholars that would disagree with this  unsubstantiated claim.  It claims the gospel of Mark was written after the destruction of the temple in AD 70.   However, there is no specific mention of the destruction of the temple in any of the gospels or epistles.  Many biblical scholars date the entire New Testament before AD 70 because the destruction of the temple was such a huge historical event, and the New Testament makes no  mention of it.

Brian Flemming, the documentary maker, claims Paul did not even believe Jesus was on earth, he twisted Hebrews 8:4 to fit his view.   The context of the verse is about the Levitical priesthood which Jesus was not a part of because he was from the tribe of Judah, so if He would have been on earth “now” Paul was saying He would not be a priest.  There was something new and better than the Levitical priest system that had many men that were failures and  it was pointing to the High Priest who is Jesus Christ who was and is perfect. Yet, Brian Flemming tries to claim Paul was saying that Jesus had not been on earth, and that is why he could not have been the priest.  This is easily refuted just reading the epistles that Paul wrote.

Paul believed in a real Jesus, a real resurrection, and mentions this all over the epistles.  He even said that is where the Christian faith stands or falls  (1 Corinthians 15:12-20 ). Trying to compare Jesus to fictional characters like Horus, fails to account for real eye witnesses like 11 out of the 12 disciples who followed Jesus to death.   The disciples were beaten and killed speaking of the truth they saw.  They were not given fame or wealth; they were imprisoned and killed speaking of the risen savior.

He interviews Sam Harris who compares Zeus to God which is a category mistake.  God is uncreated, Zeus came from his parents and there is an infinite regress with Zeus who’s parents came from somewhere.  It is idolatry to create a god in our minds and Zeus was created in the imaginations of men.   The Uncreated, Creator God is eternal there is no eternal regress with Him. He transcends time, matter, and space and created them all.  In the begining (time), God created (matter) the heavens and the earth (space). (Gen 1:1)

Brain Flemming the documentary maker, apparently was raised in a Christian home and went to a Christian school.  He goes to the Christian school he once attended and spoke with the principal.  The principal failed in the interview to point to Brain’s faith that life can come from non life, and that nothing created everything.  He  looked pretty weak in the interview although,  he did rightly point to the circumstantial evidence of Jesus Christ’s resurrection.  He failed to point to creation and  the conscience as evidence of God though which is what the bible points to and is irrefutable.  It was obvious that he was not use to being called onto the carpet and Brian took him to the woodshed.

Unfortunately, churches are full of people who don’t evangelize so they don’t know how to speak with non Christians and answer real life objections, including the Christian leaders which this film made clearly obvious.   Many Christians think the pastors should be doing the work of evangelizing so they try to bring people to Church and the pastor think their job is to equip the church to evangelize.  This is not the biblical model and most of the time  the ball is dropped and the real work of evangelizing the lost doesn’t get done and people really are not any good at it, like the principal in the movie.  He is in his safe comfortable “monastery” building surrounded by other Christians.

The gospel is almost entirely forgetting, because people think you can share the gospel without words.   A lot of “cultural Christians”  think they can give a homeless person a sandwich and a blanket and that is evangelism.  It is not evangelism or sharing the gospel if a Muslim, Athiest, or Buddhist can do it.  Handing out a sandwich and blanket without sharing the gospel is just making a person’s life a little more comfortable on their road to hell.  Would the prodigal son ever came home to his father is someone just gave him a blanket and a sandwich?  The social gospel is not the gospel it is a counterfeit.  Give the poor and needy a sandwich and a blanket, but give them the gospel as well or find somebody who will, but don’t neglect it, it is the only true hope there is.

The movie ends dramatically with Brian going into the chapel he “ask Jesus into his heart in”  and he denies the Holy Spirit, blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is the unforgivable sin, so he is basically saying I don’t care if I go to hell.  Fear of God is the beginning of knowledge and wisdom and by the fear of God people depart evil (Proverbs 1:7, 9:10, Proverbs 16:6)  Brian does not fear God and as a result he is an ignorant, wicked, fool and it is obvious.  His belief will not change reality, that God exist because truth does not bend to our beliefs.  If something is true, are belief and whether we like it or not has no bearing on that truth.

Brain, was never a Christian and he was never born again.   Those who are saved, persevere to the end; those who walk away were never part of the flock to began with(1 John 2:19).  He was a false convert, and if he repents and puts His faith in Christ alone he can be saved.  Hopefully, God does not give him what he currently wants. Even though this movie ends on this sad there is a glory story in it, one of the atheists that was in the documentary converted to Christianity and is now following Christ you can read about it here.



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